About the Slide Sledge



Reduces downtime:

  • Application-specific tips eliminates the need for special equipment or additional personnel
  • Delivers a powerful impact for extreme applications so you get the job done faster


Increases Profits & Workplace Safety:

  • Significantly decreases hammer-chisel risks, including:
    • Threat of injury to the person holding the chisel
    • Damage to the machinery
    • Sledge hammer “bounce back”
    • Danger to people nearby from flying material
  • Reduces costs of employee injuries, sore muscles and cramps


Increases Productivity

  • Two-person jobs can now be completed by one person
  • Makes repairs faster and easier


Extremely Powerful

  • Effortlessly delivers over 15,000 PSI of impact force
  • Attach the 5 lb handle weight for additional impact
  • Made from induction hardened, fatigue-proof steel for a long, powerful life


Safer and More Accurate

  • Efficient, one person operation – no one needs to hold the chisel
  • Eliminates inaccurate sledge hammer swings



  • Interchangeable, application specific tips allow one tool to do the job of many
  • Quick change tips are engineered to get the job done faster and easier